There are several qualities of a good teammate:

  1. He is Prepared: Be prepared individually to help my team succeed
  2. He is an Encourager: Be secure enough to celebrate someone else’s success
  3. He Leads by example: Attitude, Body Language, Work ethic speaks volumes
  4. He is courageous: Willing to speak up

These are just four of many qualities that make for a good teammate. Of these four, I think that being courageous as it relates to speaking up is the most difficult.  I’m not talking about speaking up in the context of whining about a bad call, criticizing a teammates mistake, or blaming someone or something for your own blunder. I’m talking about coming along side a teammate or friend and from a place of concern speaking up if they are heading in the wrong direction.  It’s risky to speak up, we often fear it could jeopardize the relationship. That’s why it takes courage. Don’t go passive! Even if your words are met with some initial resistance, a quality teammate will listen and know that you care.

Proverbs: 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one mans sharpens another”